Yuan Zun Venerable Yuan Wiki

Zhou Yuan is the male protagonist of Yuan Zun / Dragon Prince Yuan


Zhou Yuan is originally a slim boy with a cute baby face. He later becomes more muscular thanks to his training in the wild. His golden eyes are quite attractive and so is his black bedhead hair. He is often called handsome by people whenever he acts cool or saves them.


Zhou Yuan has a mature and sometimes greedy personality due to his harsh childhood environment. Nonetheless, he still retains his kindness and sense of justice.

He shows no mercy to his enemies regardless of gender and background; being ruthless but not arrogant nor careless. Zhou Yuan usually doesn't care if he is belittled or doubted by others because he believes that actions are more trustworthy and impactful than words (but he is still annoyed, especially when people directly look down on him). Moreover, he often takes advantage of his opponents' arrogance towards him to strike them down. Depending on the situation, Zhou Yuan might provoke his opponents then proceed to beat them up, especially their pride, to make them more respectful towards him.

Zhou Yuan doesn't think that running away is shameful because he believes that it would be pure idiocy to fight against someone who is way stronger than him. The only exception to this rule when he is either protecting or trying to create an opportunity for the people he loves or owes to escape. The way of thinking "taking a step back to run many steps forward" or "one must know the border between bravery and recklessness" contribute to his humility as he doesn't fear failures nor humiliation.

He is very loyal as he never dares to cheat on his love interest, Yaoyao, despite them being separated and him not having confessed his feelings yet(in past). To be more specific, he is too afraid of the consequences. Furthermore, he doesn't like to do tedious and responsible work like taking care of internal affairs or being in charge of a large group. As a result, Zhou Yuan usually doesn't care much and pushes the responsibility to others, but he still does fulfill the expectation as the leader when the situation needs him.

Zhou Yuan is the type of person who would always keep and honor his promise until the end of his life, repay the kindness of those who help him and his beloved ones, and retaliate the pain of those who hurt him and his important ones.He also does not hesitate to take responsibility for something he has done or situation made it get done by him,If its something which will affect Yaoyao even a slightest,they he discusses with her and if she's not against it,he asks her permission.


Zhou Yuan only loves Yaoyao. He is very loyal. He has no second wife. Su Youwei is just a friend. He always regards her as a true friend from the start of the story to the end, nothing more. And he has no love interest with Wu Yao. All the chapter, over 1000, his true intention is only to become a man who can protect YaoYao, his parents and great Zhou empire. And over 800 chs, he only tries for his wife, YaoYao. He never loves other girl.


The moment Zhou Yuan was born, a mystical sign appeared in All Heavens. Dragon Qi swirled around him, and a dragon roar shook the land. It was the sign of the Saint Dragon. His Eight Great Meridians naturally were opened at birth, allowing him to skip the and reach the . This is known as the legendary one-in-a-billion Saint Dragon Blessing, which bestows upon one the potential to reach the greater cultivation stages. As the Zhou Clan’s unprecedented Saint Dragon, he would have shined as brightly as the sun and moon and have the longevity of the land.

However, the Saint Dragon of Zhou Clan, his Saint Dragon Blessing was stolen at birth, resulting in the disappearance of his Eight Great Meridians and the curse of . The curse caused his Eight Great Meridians, which were originally existed, sealed until Cang Yuan helped him awaken them.


  • Throughout the entire story Zhou Yuan gets underestimated by everyone, friends and foes.
  • The fl is the true trump card of the mc.
  • The mc started real cultivation after Cang Yuan opened the way to open his meridians at the age of 14.
  • Zhou Yuan Completely Inherited Ancestral Dragon and became The First Sequence God at the age of 28.
  • During extracting Yaoyao's Divine Bone from himself,using his 1st sequence powers he equipped time laws on it so that it will revert back to the time it was Yaoyao,but since he was directly extracting it from his body he was losing his position as a 1st Sequence God.Due to loss of divine bone, it took his power 100 years to revert it to its previous form meanwhile which he was stabilizing his state.
  • Due to Dragon resentment Poison in his body from his time of birth injected by King Wu,His Foundation is the strongest in the history which has broken many limits too.