Yuan Zun Venerable Yuan Wiki

Tun Tun is a mysterious Genesis Beast raised by Cang Yuan to be the Genesis Beast Guardian of Yao Yao. Its blood could raise the quality of other Genesis Beast blood essence.


In its mini form, Tun Tun is like an adorable and a bit chubby little puppy with golden fur and spotted dots on its back. It looks harmless and lovely.

However, in its true form (for battle purposes), Tun Tun looks completely different: an approximately ten feet tall beast. The giant beast’s entire body is scarlet-red and covered in fiery-red scales. Its eyes look like burning flames, and there seems to be black light in its mouth - light that could devour all things. It is as if a mysterious ferocious beast has walked out from an ancient primal era.


Tun Tun is very imperious and clever; for example, it could learn yuan techniques and mess around with Zhou Yuan only. This is probably due to its sacred beast bloodline that grants Tun Tun astonishing powers, intelligence, and high pride as the lower or same rank genesis beasts all submit to it. Tun Tun is like Yao Yao in the term of ignoring the insignificant ones because it is superior the moment it is born.

In the mini form, all Tun Tun does is lying around and eating. It is basically a glutton that doesn't want to do anything unless it is ordered by Yao Yao or gets motivated by delicious meat.

In the battle form, Tun Tun is very ferocious and domineering like a powerful battle maniac. It would mercilessly crush the enemies without any hesitation.


Tun Tun is an ancient beast which guards the egg of the Ancestral Dragon. After being fully matured it can be equivalent to 3 lotus Saint realm.


Tun Tun was raised and trained by Cang Yuan to become Yao Yao's protector.